Team Faultline are back with an all UK CS:GO roster

FaultLine.Orange are back with an all English roster!
Team Faultline is happy to welcome its new members, Toby “Tiny” Hummer, Jacob “heale” Healy and John “Zer0” Priestley to play alongside original members, Josh “Stri6” Selway and Ralph “h4k” Barton.

The cause of the change is due to poor results and general lack of motivation in the team. The whole team is feeling very confident about the future of this roster and is hoping to achieve great things.

We wish the best for the members, old and new of FaultLine.Orange


I’m really happy with our first few weeks of practice. The team has a really great attitude and we are memeing very well. I hope to go far together.  – Ralph “h4k” Barton